Life as a Senior

Sarah Busko, Author

March 31, 2017

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Graduation is inching closer and closer. Our high school careers are coming to an end. So, what do we do? We make the best of it. Join some clubs, go to sports events, participate in spirit week, and party at ball. There are s...

Graduation for Class of 2017

Donna Stevens, Author

March 30, 2017

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Hey seniors of 2017 you excited? Graduation is just around the corner for us. Within Eleven weeks Class of 2017 will walk the stage on Saturday, June 17 at the Onondaga County War Memorial from 9:45 a.m. till noon. Even though...

March Misery

March Misery

March 13, 2017

It’s The Final Countdown

Mackenzie Johnson, Layout Editor

May 18, 2016

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Graduation is quickly approaching, which means lots of fun for the seniors leading up to the last day of school. Below is a list of things to look forward to. May 20th- School Spirit! May 23rd- Write Colleges on Windows May...

The Thirst Project

The Thirst Project

February 1, 2016