Strict Parents make Sneaky Children?

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For the longest period of time, an idea has been flowing around that strict parents make sneaky children. During the age of 6-17, children are highly are aware of their surroundings. Between the ages of 9-12, children are prone to the views of social media. Some parents attempt to shelter their children so much that their children tend to sneak around to do as as they please. The survey passed out justifies that theory. These are the results of the surveys:

“Yes and no. It depends on the parents and the child. I have mixed feelings on that topic. I agree with the topic to an extent.”

“YESS, Because if you try to be open with them and they keep saying no each time that’s just gonna make even more sneaky. I get sneakier by the day lmfaoooooo.”

“Yes Because Strict Parents Shelter Their Kids Which Make Kids Want To See More Of What They Aren’t Seeing And They Start Getting Curious And Become Sneaky Because they’re doing Something They Shouldn’t.”

“Yes they do because they aren’t given the opportunity to go out and adventure and that causes them to be sneaky because they know what their parents are gonna say. So, they don’t ask and they just do it behind their back.”

“I don’t because it’s the child’s choice to make decisions as well not just the adult. Strict parents are just trying to help their child and if the child wants to be sneaky and do bad things , it is on them but at the same time i can see the counter argument because since you’re not allowed to do things you try to do it on your own and live your life like your other friends or teenagers.”

“Yes I think so only depending on the child. Most kids become sneaky because they cannot be who they really are around their parents. Kids tend to feel lonely when they can’t talk to someone they can relate to, and it’s hard to communicate with a strict parent because whatever they say goes. Kids rather go out purposely not asking their parents to avoid from Hearing the word no. It’s hard for a child to embrace their individuality when a parent won’t allow a child to do so..I feel as if discipline would be enough for an adolescent but being strict and controlling is not part of parenting and will create a child to be sneaky.”

“Depends on the personality of the parents not necessarily how they parent.”

“Yes because the kids who want freedom are going to rebel and do it in silence so they won’t get caught or punished.”

“Yes, take me as an example. if your parents don’t let you do something you want to do you’re going to find other ways to make that happen even if it involves lying or sneaking out.”

“Yes. Because when parents have strict rules and don’t allow their kids to do certain things etc, they tend to do it anyway. But, they’d be sneaky about it, cause they know they would be told no if asked.”

“Hell yea cause you get tired of their mean a**** saying no so you do it behind their back.”

“Yes, because their parents are always saying no so they’re gonna want to rebel more.”

“Yes, strict parents make sneaky kids because parents make up so many rules and guidelines for their kids to follow that become scared of their parents. They are afraid to tell them anything and bring them around certain people because they might judge them or punish them based off the fact that they already know what’s expected of them from the rules that have been laid out. But kids seem to always take the path of greater resistance when it comes to what their parents say. So they have no other choice but to be sneaky or they won’t be able to do it all.”

“Of course they do, because they’re telling these kids to not do all these certain things and it’s just going to make them more curious to do them and disobey.”

“I think that when parents are strict kids are less likely to be open with their parents. They’re going to go behind their back and not feel comfortable telling them things. It puts more pressure on the kids to hide things because of the fact they don’t know how their parents will react.”

“yes because they want to experience just as much as their peers or do things they see other kids doing so yeah they’re gonna do it anyways so why not let them
do it and you know what they’re doing”

“Yeah cause if you not letting kids do some things they gonna find a way to get there way.”

“yesss bc the way teens are, the more we’re told we can’t do something, it just makes us want to do it even more.”

“Yes because they won’t let them show them that they can be a good kid.”

“yeah , cause the child would be so eager to do something and they know the parent won’t allow so they’ll find their own way around it.”

“Yes, because I believe that strict parents make kids sneaking due to not letting them or allowing them to express their self and do certain things and I think that sets boundaries between parent and child in the feelings of certain things and it causes kids to tend not to come to their decision because the strictness overboard parents affection and in the ways of communication .”

“Yes because they have to do everything on the low to experience things if they weren’t strict then the kids wouldn’t be sneaky they’ll just do things on the high because they’re allowed to”

“yes, because kids are more likely to rebel if they aren’t allowed to do things that their friends are doing.”

“I think strict parents make sneaky kids because they are so hard on them, that whatever the kids chance to get to do something bad they will do it. they want freedom and to be able to do things so, they only way they can do that is to be sneaky and hide it behind there parents back.”

“At first I did but you gotta look at everything .. a sneaky kid will do things on they own if they want no matter what the parent is like.”

“It Depends On The Kid. Like My Parents Are Really Strict But I Don’t Sneak Around I Just Beg Them To Let Me Do Stuff And They Don’t End Up Letting Me Do It But They Let Me Do Something Close To It”

“Yes, parents make strict kids. Parents put so many rules and regulations, that as they grow and become teens they test the limits of what they can and can’t do. They don’t do it on purpose it’s just a freedom “I can do what I want kinda thing” the know what’s good and what’s bad but parents don’t fully trust that their children will make the best decisions when under the influence of peers and the media.”

“I do actually and I think parents make sneaky kids because kids are afraid to ask their parents if they can do anything so they go behind their back so, they don’t get in trouble and they would be willing to take risk especially if they know how their parents would react.”

“I believe every child is different and every parent is different according to that child on how strict a parent can be. I believe that every child should have structure is that consider to be strict to a child yes but to a parent it’s trying to get your child safe. I also believe if you are to strict be careful what and who your child will learn from. To answer your question yes if a parent is to strict the child will sneak and do it we as parents can only give you lead way if we can trust you and you show responsibility. If you can’t destructing That how can a parent ever have mercy on you.”

“To answer your question: Yes, I do simply b/c if parents are strict on their kids and not let them experience different things and life situations (within) limits once that child(ren) become of age they’re going to run wild/rampant and possibly become out of control…leading down a path of self destruction.

Parents should be hands on and involved in their kids lives (especially their life in school and with their friends). Friends are the BIGGEST influence over kids. Parents need to meet all of their child(ren) friends and their parents, go to their house have conversations to see what goes on within the friends house….to get a better understanding.”

“Yes! Most kids who do not have freedom to grow or make mistakes would end up sneaking around.”

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Strict Parents make Sneaky Children?