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A survey was passed out to ask people of color what they loved and dislike about being black. These are the results:

“I love the food. I don’t being discriminated against and stereotyped. Plus, if it wasn’t for black people there would be no rap or R&B. ”
By Ky Moore

“I hate when people think it’s ok to touch my hair
I love my skin color
I hate how in the summer white ppl will compare their skin to mine “I’m almost catching up to you”
I hate when I get a new hairstyle and a white teacher says something like “oh wow class Amber’s hair grew”
I love that I can change my look
Ummm I hate how people view me as a black girl I’m considered an angry black girl when I have outburst”
By Amber Gonzales

“Being black has shown me diversity and the ability to understand different ethnic groups easier. Being black I face many prejudice and judgment in my life and I know I will always continue to. But it is allowed me to strengthen myself and the people around me. It also allows me to understand the struggle and how to overcome it”
By Rolondo

“What I like about being black is my skin , who I am as a black young individual , my lifestyle , my hair and most of all my black community/ family I️ am a proud black individual!”

“What I like about being black is that I can be very versatile with my hair, the melanin in my skin during summer is flawless all use is coconut oil , I like that I was taught how to cook , sew, braid , iron and all of those qualities that I feel like black women instill in their daughters as apart of the culture, and I like that people underestimate me cause I’m black but then I prove them wrong but also don’t like that either cause it’s like don’t stereotype me and what else I don’t like is when I’m being followed around in the retail stores & people tell me I can’t wear bright colors in my hair cause I’m too dark and I can’t get certain tattoos cause I’m too dark. And being a black girl people automatically think I just eat fries chicken and collard greens like no I like salad and sushi too! And I also don’t like that people think people of color should date only people of color. If I date a white people look at me funny but if a black dude dates a white girl it’s all good.”
By Tricia Murry

“I love being black nothing I don’t dislike about being black.”
By Dejuan Tigner

“I like The color of my skin & the texture of my hair and a the ability I have to do different thing with it but I hate when people of other races ( mostly white ) ask to touch my hair or feel like telling me that i’m “pretty for a black girl“ or “have a lot of hair to be black “ is a compliment”.
By Chayne Nikol Turo

“one thing i hate is how black ppl are portrayed and how we all are supposed to act a certain way because of how society is.”
By Channelle O’Neal

“Second I love being black being black have its challenges and advantages at times but I don’t dislike being black”
By Karole Currie

“That whenever racism is brought up I don’t have a say cause I’m only “half black” or I’ll always side with white people cause I’m “more white” and that either race can be racism towards me.”
By Moe Gersbacher

“i like everything about being black, we are very unique in our own way. we have many characteristics that some white people wish to have”
By Arianna Jenkins

“Our culture and traditions. Being stereotyped by whites or being criticized by my own for being proper and called white.”
By Dietrick Roberson

“Well It’s Not Really About what I Am It’s Just That I Love Myself And Whether Im Black, Mulatto, Chinese, Hispanic Or Anything else… I Love That About Me But I Dislike The Ignorance Meaning That People Belittle Races and They make them believe they are Inferior.”
By Manijah Bell

“I like being black bc like our slang “how we talk” dress style, how we got natural physical body tone, and looks. Dislike I’d say have to worry about racism, cops, people, and that’s it.”

“We as a culture don’t get along or uplift each other.”

“I hate how everyone thinks my hair is weave.”
By Tatyanna Barron-Rivera

“ I love my skin i’m in, i hate when I have to example stuff i’m mixed with .”
By Timea Penson

“I love my melanin skin complexion, my pretty thick hair, my big lips , and my African American culture. I Love the food and basically everything about it ! My peoples especially! when we all come together like as one makes me happy and proud to be black! One thing I dislike is people that judge based off my skin color. I don’t dislike being black at all I just dislike how other people outside my culture, and color treat my people. I know it’s not just us black people that go through these differences but that’s how I feel.”
By Marcia Baskin

“Like about being mixed :

• my family is more diverse
• I have white family members and black
• The food /soul food
• My eyes are mixed from both sides and my complexion
• My curly hair is mixed from Dad and mom

Dislike about being mixed
• getting asked constantly “omg are you black “
• Getting discriminated against just fir having a mom lighter than me – people are surprised I’m black and white
• People always asking to touch my curls
• In eyes of people darker than me to them I’m not considered black I’m considered white or light skinned
• Being viewed as more privileged than others”
By Jamai H. Mitchell

“I like being black because it’s different.”
By Zarayia Rivera Beckon

“I love how I can relate more to my black side of me because I have more things in common w/ the black part of me. I don’t really hate anything about being black, I mean yeah I have discrimination issues but there’s always gonna be ignorant ass people and racism no matter how much ppl try to get rid of it. That’s just life, that’s how it is.”
By Olivia Rhinehardt

“I like that black people age gracefully and i dislike not being able to go somewhere without be looked at funny like we don’t belong.”
By Darryl

“Our history is I believe the worst thing. Our history is stuck in pain and hurt and trial there’s never much success so the viewpoint for our future hard to place in success.”
-Andre Douglas

“What I love About being black : I love my hair, and how versatile it is. Our hair can be kinky curly one day, and then bone straight the next. I love my melanin, my skin is my identity, it’s comes in all shades, it’s our protective barrier, and it has a natural glow in the sunlight, and overall it’s just beautiful. I love how trendy we are, EVERY single trend, it doesn’t matter if it’s a clothing style, hair style, shoe, dance, or song…. the trend always starts from a black person, always. I love the culture of our colleges, the HBCU’s, there’s so much culture and significance, in all of them. What I don’t like is to be stereotyped, put in categories, and discriminated against. I don’t like when people assume or have a certain opinion towards ALL blacks as a whole .”
-Dajier Davis

“What I love about being black is the fact that our culture, our strength , and our dignity as a people continues to thrive. I love the color of my skin. I’m proud to be black.
What I dislike is when society stereotypes blacks. The way few movies portray black women can be ghetto and angry. When people actually meet someone the is polite, educated, dedicate, caring, nice, and proper; they are told they are not black. They are an “Oreo”, black on the outside but white on the inside. No, being polite and educated doesn’t make them white, it makes them powerful!
I dislike how our race is known as the first self-mutilators. I’ve read a poem by Andre Douglas that stated:
“when I see a boy the same age as me gunned down with hands up it hurts
when I see a man in the car with his family
chest looking like a connect four board with his lungs heart aorta and spine all inline it hurts it hurt it hurts it hurts
But yet you tell me not to complain
That the shooters are not racist
And that we kill more of us than the police do
And that is true
but what do we kill for
Money,clothes,drugs,territory we dont have enough so we are forced to self cut our own people
we are the first self mutilaters.
We tear each other down just to get a glimpse of light which is only a reflection because the real way to freedom is in the other direction.
But what do you kill for ??? you are superior in every way…. Your people are not riddled in gangs and money and extortion.”
Although, it’s sad, it’s true. We need to to do better! We will be better! God gave it toughest battles to its toughest soldiers.”
-Takayla Beckon

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  1. Nancy Martinez on May 9th, 2018 11:56 AM

    This is beautiful!


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