Flatliners: The Remake No One Asked For

Paulina Patton

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Do you remember the 1990’s thriller about a group of med students experimenting with death? Yeah, neither do we. Flatliners was a trashy movie, at best, in the 90’s with an interesting cast including Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon that almost made up for the rest of it. So, was the world really dying for a “re-imagining”? No.


The new movie stars Juno’s Ellen Page and The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev, among other actors playing Medical Students who stop their hearts and come back to life repeatedly. The students experience various near-death experiences to gain a better understanding of life, when the experiment goes awry. The students are haunted by their past and begin to confuse fiction from reality. The premise is a very interesting idea for a film, but it was unfortunately executed in a very dull and predictable way.


This mediocre film is being dubbed “The remake that nobody wanted,” and frankly, I must agree. So far, the film has received many a bad review and 4% on “Rotten Tomatoes.” The performances made by the actors almost make up for the shifty plot line, but not quite. The plot moves slowly and almost exactly the same as the original. The movie had many opportunities to become interesting, but opted to go the predictable route. Flatliners was a tacky and forgettable movie to begin with and the remake did not exceed anyone’s expectations.

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Flatliners: The Remake No One Asked For