Gun Control?

Aftermath of the Horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Desiree Holz, Social Media coordinator

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Anyone who watches the news or has a social media  account of some sort knows of the recent events that happened in Las Vegas.

Around 10 pm Sunday, October 1st Stephen Paddock let loose gun fire on a Las Vegas concert outside and around the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The result being 58 dead, and around 500 wounded, this is being named “the worst mass shooting in modern U.S history”.

In Paddock’s hotel room was found 23 military grade firearms, and another 19 in his home. As this information was released, many began to wonder how weapons like this are even up for sale?

The United States is one of the only world SuperPowers that has laws to be able to keep guns like this.  

Even with the amount of mass shootings we’ve had since 2017 started, 273 to be exact, people are still skeptical on the idea of gun control.

Due to the American public’s feelings towards this last horrific event, it can be said with confidence that this isn’t the end of the gun control talk and probably many hostile arguments between the two opposing sides.     

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Gun Control?