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Pewaukee High School Puts in Place Sexist Dress Codes for Homecoming Dance

Sophie Gullo

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The Homecoming dance is coming up, girls are getting dates and guys are hoping for that one girl to ask him!

If you are going to the dance you obviously need a new outfit but imagine if there were specific dress codes you must follow when picking out your dress or suit.

This became a reality for many schools, school districts are enforcing strict and sexist dress codes on girls for this homecoming season.

Pewaukee High School is requiring all of the students that plan on wearing a dress to their school homecoming they must send in a picture of their dress for it to get approved. The dress must follow some pretty extreme expectations, the dress can’t be shorter than your mid thigh, it bans spaghetti straps and backless dress, and much more.

The code targets females more than males, and makes it seem like they are the problem. Rebecca Shepard a mom of a freshman at Pewaukee High school states “The girls are essentially being held responsible for the wayward thoughts (administrators) think boys have” and female students are constantly being ashamed for what they are wearing and these are the roots of rape culture.

Pewaukee High School’s superintendent, Mike Cady believes that the dress code for dances isn’t sexist, but the code doesn’t require male students to send in their outfits in advance to get approved.

Many girls had to send in pictures of their dresses even before buying a ticket, and if the school didn’t approve the dress you couldn’t buy a ticket until you got a “correct one”.

Anyone  who bought a dress for a school dance knows that is pretty impossible to find a dress that fits in with these expectations.

In Pewaukee High School the dress can’t have spaghetti straps, it can’t be higher than your mid thigh, it can’t be backless, and it can’t be low cut or have a revealing chest. Most styles of dresses include one of those descriptions and it is hard to find a dress that will be stylish and be accepted for the dance. Also many girls are tall so if they wear a dress it will be higher than their mid thigh or some girls are a bigger chest so dresses will automatically have a lower cut and bit more revealing.

The dress code bans things some girls can’t control and is completely unfair. Dress codes today target the female as the “problem” and we need to put a stop to these sexist rules.

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