The Not so Boring Board Meetings

First Installment.

Hannah Ladouceur, Layout Editor

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The Liverpool central school district holds biweekly meetings regarding student activities and district wide issues. These meetings get a bad rep for being boring and lengthy; however, as it turns out, these board meetings are not so boring.

Whether it be discussing issues about finance and budgeting to school start times and mental health awareness, there are no dull moments. The last meeting on September 25th was a riveting presentation on the money we have in our school district to spend.

Did you know that Liverpool has around 150 million dollars? That does not even include grants that our school applies for, like the grants that bought your brand new Chrome books.

Its crazy the amount of money that our school district has to better our district. In hindsight, we might have been able to guess we have a lot because it is official, there will be a 40 million renovation on our very own high school!
The renovation will completely transform our high school into something we could not even begin to imagine. Yet, with the new technology we have, the board has revealed a virtual reality tour of our completely finished high school.

So you see, board meetings truly aren’t that boring. See you at the next one on October 10th at the district office!

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The Not so Boring Board Meetings