VSCO – Next Big Social Media or Just a Fad?

Desiree Holz, Circulation Manager

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As teenagers, we always seem inclined to be up to date with the latest trends. Whether it’s the latest fashion, or the newest technology we are always chasing it.

Anyone who is up to date with these trends has to be on instagram, twitter, or facebook. These social medias all in someway encompass the art of photography.

From just the simple act of posting a picture of something you ate or sharing a photo of you and family, we are all trying to make our lives seem more interesting through photography.

The newest addition to this array of ways to express our human love for photography is VSCO, or Visual Supply Company.

Founded in 2011 in Oakland, California by Greg Lutze and Joel Flory, the love for the visual arts came almost naturally.

Flory’s mother would take him to any art show they could find that was free as a child, which really just instilled a love for photography and other visual arts.

As Flory grew up, he fell in in love with the visual arts and the doors it opens for all people.

After he married, Flory mainly would do wedding pictures and other small photography jobs. He realized that he wanted to give back to the photography community which had given so much to him.

That was when Lutze and Flory teamed up to create a tool that would benefit all people who contribute to the visual arts.

Anyone who is on VSCO knows that you can share your pictures through a social-media like feed, but you cannot comment. This really just proves how organic the entire background of the company is.

Lutze and Flory rather you view and enjoy the art, rather than comment and ridicule it.

The editing portion of this app also allows average photographers, make their pictures look professional and very well done.

The recent rise in popularity of VSCO among average people, is causing more amazing photographers to receive the credit they deserve.

You can already envision the amount of places that this company will go from such an organic idea, and it is truly inspiring.

Starting from such a small vision and working your way up to such a large influence shows us that all it takes to make your visions become a reality is just a dream and willpower. Which is all anyone really wants.

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VSCO – Next Big Social Media or Just a Fad?