Breaking News: Explosion at Russia’s St. Petersburg Metro Station

Shevori Gene, Author

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An explosion at Russia’s St. Petersburg Metro Station in the late has left at least 11 dead and at least 39 currently injured as of 11:28 EST. Officials are labeling the event as a terrorist attack. The explosion originated from a single train car at some point between two stations. A second device has been located and defused at a second location. Both analyst and Russian officials are comparing the event to the 2010 terrorist attacks in Moscow. Speculations are also arising that the incident, should it be found to be a terrorist attack could be retaliation from ISIS due to Russia’s very heavy military presence in Syria. Russia now, and not the United States is the primary target of these Jihadi style attacks, as ISIS and Al-Qaeda have both threatened Russia in recent years and months. ISIS rallies support for these attacks behind the notion that Russian airstrikes in Syria have lead to mass civilian casualties there.

Map of Russia Showing St. Petersburg in relation to Moscow, Russia’s capital.

As the days events unfold it is important to not that Russian media is state controlled and details should be carefully analyzed.

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Breaking News: Explosion at Russia’s St. Petersburg Metro Station