Graduation for Class of 2017

Yes Finally!!

Donna Stevens, Author

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Hey seniors of 2017 you excited? Graduation is just around the corner for us. Within Eleven weeks Class of 2017 will walk the stage on Saturday, June 17 at the Onondaga County War Memorial from 9:45 a.m. till noon. Even though we’re in the middle of the year we got to keep on track. Some have started to slip however how I’m lasting and pushing my self is repeating, “Only two more months and I’m free!”.

Hey it works so when your swamped with homework try saying it to yourself. Even though we will part ways some off to college, some to work and others who knows. However for better or for worst we will never forget these years nor the people we have met, lost or disconnected from we will always think “Hmm, I would what happened to them after graduation.”. Some of us might have had a hard time or an easy time in school. Whether you were popular or not or in a sport or not were are all the same as we  walk the stage. We will all begin our adult lives right at that point together.

For me my high school years have its ups and downs as have everyone. When I’ll think back on my high school I’ll think about the challenges we were faced with to bring us and shape us into the adults we are to become. I’ve learned many lessons both taught by my teachers and by myself by making the mistakes. Now we’re old enough to make our own choices concerning our lives. Let’s make the most of them Class of 2017.

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Graduation for Class of 2017