Voting for Clinton to Keep Trump out of Office

Maggie Dunsford

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I’m not the biggest Hillary Clinton fan around. I admit that I’ve had a bad case of “The Bern” for a while now, and for a long time I was torn between the Bernie of Bust movement and giving in and voting for the lesser of two evils.
And I respect all of those who are still fighting for Bernie, and Bernie himself. I respect them for going after corruption and looking towards real change. But I’ve realized that we need to be realistic. There has never been a third party president in United States history. The United States is a two part country, Republican or Democrat. And that means that this election, one way or another, is going to go to either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
Bernie Sanders cannot win as an independent, Jill Stein cannot win as a third party candidate, and Gary Johnson cannot win for the Libertarian party. As much as I would love to see Sanders or Stein in office, I cannot let fantasies get in the way or reality.
We cannot afford another repeat of the 2000 election, in which Ralph Nader split the Democratic vote and gave the presidency to George Bush. Clinton is not my favorite, but after hearing his comments after the Orlando shooting, I know that we have a duty to do whatever we can to keep him out of office. And that includes voting for someone we may not like.
This November, more likely than not, I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton. Democrat or Republican, if you want to keep Donald Trump away from the presidency, Hillary Clinton is our only option.

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Voting for Clinton to Keep Trump out of Office