Ten things I’ve learned about being a senior in high school: a list for underclassmen

Jenny Deegan

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1. They will have pity— homework comes less frequently this time around. For this year alone, at least, you can sleep again.

2. Come graduation, you will be both happy and sad to leave, and you will never truly know which one you feel more.

3. You need to make sure you treasure your pets. You will miss them, even before you leave for college.

4. You’re going to ask a lot of people to stay in touch when you sign their yearbooks. They won’t, and you won’t mind it.

5. Getting your PIG requirements in last minute is NOT a good idea. You need them to graduation. Don’t put it off.

6. Being petty is a waste. You don’t have the energy for it.

7. Well, maybe you do— but you’re just making the most of your final year, right?

8. The senior cafeteria isn’t as incredible as it seems, but you’ll protect it fiercely anyway.

9. You’re probably going to be making plans to add your favorite teachers on Facebook. Some will accept, others won’t. Wait until graduation.

10. Moving forward is worth it— ready or not, you’ll make it through okay in the moments you most need to. You have so many new things to find, so many good days ahead of you. But yeah, you’ll remember this place; it shaped who you are today, after all. I hope that’s more of a good thing than a bad one, but if not, then hey, at least you’re almost free.

Take a deep breath. You’re going to do just fine.

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Ten things I’ve learned about being a senior in high school: a list for underclassmen