End of the Year Stress

Katherine Ryan

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With the end of the year comes the big events that everyone looks forward to: prom, ball, senior skip day, physics day and all of the trips— especially big for the seniors. The year of hard work has finally paid off, the all-nighters, stress calls with your best friend, trig tests that you have studied for but yet still failed, pretty much all over. Unfortunately for the rest of the high school population other than the seniors it is important not to slack off. The end of the year determines eligibility for fall sports and activities.  Juniors need to maintain a good average and keep up with activities in order to impress colleges, especially those going for scholarships or have sports rides. Finding out class ranks become more urgent, but doing well seems almost impossible. There is a constant struggle between wanting to give up, and finding the perseverance to finish out the school year strong. And the worst part is finals, being expected to relearn the whole curriculum and one test counts for twenty percent of your whole year, that just has to be the worse feeling in the world. To make matters worse, tests like Trigonometry, Chemistry, and Physics are extremely difficult and many struggle to get by as a principal but a whole year’s worth is just too much. Bell curves usually help but not when it comes to the hardest tests. Many say they do not feel prepared for finals week but are only willing to study for courses such as science and math. There is that constant struggle again. Contrary to that some seniors have finals after graduation, what is the point of that, you already walked the stage, but why take a test now. I guess what I am trying to say here is that the end of the school is one of the most stressful times but it is worth it is worth it in order to get to summer. With summer comes beaches, vacations, parties, bonfires and the fair. Who doesn’t want that, late nights, getting a nice tan all the hard work is worth it. So keep pushing along it is worth it.

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End of the Year Stress