No Shirts, No Service

Alex Klein, Editor-In-Chief

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Recently, new rules have been announced for the dress code of Liverpool Spring athletes. Wait, a dress code? Yes.

This dress code applies to specifically the members of Liverpool’s track & field team, but also every spring, fall and winter sport team. When athletes are on campus and running on the high school’s track, they are not allowed to take their shirts off, both the guys and the girls.

Usually at the track the guys run around shirtless and the girls wear a sports bra. This has never been a distraction to any person part of the team or any other team practicing by the track. But times have changed.

Complaints saying that it is distracting to the community or that we are not representing ourselves in the right way in that we are demoralizing others by running around shirtless are reasons as to why this new restriction was passed. But who from the community will ever be down at the track watching teenagers run in circles? And how will other athletes be demoralized by other athletes?

The norm for runners is to run around shirtless, not because they want to show off their body or they don’t care what others think. It’s just because it’s so warm outside in the spring, especially once May comes around and when one runs around in a shirt, it is literally suffocating.

I myself am on the track team and do not agree with these new restrictions, as it seems the athletic department of this high school is not encouraging its athletes to be comfortable when they practice. Runners are more comfortable when they run with less layers and leaving a shirt on doesn’t seem like a lot, but the extra weight of a shirt can weigh down any athlete.

Coming from a runner’s perspective, I wanted to focus more on this restriction as it applies to the track & field team, but it also applies to all other teams. Such as the tennis team, as they cannot take off their shirt when they are down at the tennis courts.

The only time an athlete is allowed to “go shirtless” is when they are off-campus, or when the weather is above 90 degrees. But then again, athletes are not allowed to practice outside when it is 95 degrees or higher. So that means athletes have a 5-degree window in which they are allowed to take off their shirt.

This has never been a problem in this school before and my wandering mind just wants to know the real reasoning behind this new restriction. Why can’t we run shirtless? Why can’t the tennis players practice shirtless?

All I’ve been hearing are rumors and not a true reasoning as to why we aren’t allowed to take off our shirts.

If the reasoning is because we are distracting to the community or demoralizing, then that is just wrong. What is wrong with a teenager running around without a shirt, letting nothing inappropriate show.There is nothing wrong with a girl showing her stomach, or a guy showing his chest.

How are these athletes distracting if they are just practicing in their natural bodies, and never showing any inappropriate parts off to the community? How are we demoralizing others?

I’m not arguing this, but this restriction could be related to the in-school dress code and could come down to an argument that Liverpool is sexualizing their athletes by calling them a distraction. A distraction when they take off one article of clothing. That’s just something to ponder, Liverpool.

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2 Responses to “No Shirts, No Service”

  1. Grace on April 1st, 2016 1:38 PM

    good job


  2. Rebecca on April 14th, 2016 5:26 PM

    In response to your comment on the dress code, girls have to cover their stomachs in school and are yelled at if they do not follow, so this new rule is similar to that.


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